Kingswood Philanthropies

Kingswood is passionate about serving our communities, both as individuals and as a team. We are proud to support the following organizations with financial contributions and the gift of our team members’ time. Should you wish to join us in supporting any of these organizations, Kingswood will match your donation dollar-for-dollar.

A Friend’s House is a 501(c)(3) organization, serving as both a shelter and home to youth in crisis. They work with the Department of Family and Children Services to create a permanency plan for each child, which may include reunification with family or continued foster care services. Over 2,000 youth and children have found respite from abuse, abandonment, or neglect at A Friend’s House since opening our doors in 1998. They truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and are committed to being their village!

Money we have raised has funded new computers, remodeling of indoor and outdoor living spaces and new washers and dryers for the facility. We are currently supporting their Tiny Home Initiative by raising money to build tiny homes on site at A Friend's House to support young adults as they transition out of the foster care system and into adult life.

To learn more about A Friend's House and how to donate, please contact Ashley Webb (

Skull Games operates on a global scale to identify and restore victims of sexual exploitation and deliver justice to traffickers and sex predators. They work to free people from their suffering and interrupt the cycle of abuse for future generations.

Kingswood is proud to support the Skull Games Mission to use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to identify victims of sexual exploitation, the predators abusing them, and other Persons of Interest by creating leads that enable law enforcement to interrupt the cycle of abuse and restore survivors of trauma to a life of hope, healing, and freedom.

To learn more about our support of the Skull Games or to join us in making a donation, please contact Ryan Sabet (


Camp Cowboy is firmly focused on military families pursuing wellness and balance provided with equine activity-based lifestyles. We believe through equine based experience, education, and knowledge a vast multitude of “life’s scars” can be overcome, allowing for a reconnected, well-balanced life change for those in need. 

Kingswood is proud to support Camp Cowboy's mission. To learn more or to make a donation, please contact Ryan Sabet (