Insurance Services

Kingswood understands that insurance is an important part of your clients' portfolios. We are here to help you identify solutions to help meet their needs.

Not sure where to start? Email Douglas Blake, Director of Alternative Investments and Insurance Services:

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D. Blake

Douglas Blake

Director of Alternative Investments & Insurance Services

Third Party Partnerships

We work with several third-party vendors provide you with quality annuities & insurance solutions. If you have questions about any of them and how they can help your firm, please contact the operations team.

Company: Tarkenton Financial
Services Provided: Annuities | Life Insurance & Premium Finance
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Company: FIG
Services Provided: Annuities, Life Insurance & Long-Term Care
Log-in Page:  FIG Portal 

Company: Simplicity Group
Services Provided: Life Insurance
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Company: Barnabas Capital
Services Provided: Structured Annuities, Structured Products, and Variable Life & LTC