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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Kingswood is constantly searching for unique alternative investment opportunities and the most efficient ways to deliver them to you & your clients.

Dedicated alternative investment platform: Altigo

Information and education through AI Insight

To Purchase a Covered Security:
1. Complete the AI Insight Module for the product you wish to sell
2. Send the client a Prospectus
3. Send a completed order form and a Covered Security Submission Form to

To Purchase an Alternative Investment:
1. Complete the AI Insight Module for the product you wish to sell
2. Submit a PPM Request Form to
3. Submit the completed Subscription Documents for the product, and submit along with the Alternative Submission Package and the RBC Alt Client Acknowledgement Form to

To Submit an Indication of Interest:
1. Complete the Indication of Interest Form and submit to

According to Kingswood U.S. company policy, allocation to Alternative Investments in client accounts can not exceed 20% of the client’s Total Net Worth.

Not sure where to start? Email Douglas Blake, Director of Alternative Investments and Insurance Services:

Team Directory

D. Blake

Douglas Blake

Director of Alternative Investments & Insurance Services

Third Party Partnerships

We work with several third-party vendors to help your back office run smoothly. If you have questions about any of them and how they can help your firm, please contact the operations team.

Company: Altigo | WealthForge
Services Provided: Kingswod's dedicated alternative investment platform
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for Help: Altigo - or
Douglas Blake at
How to Access: Enroll on the log-in page or contact Altigo at

Company: AI Insight
Services Provided: Information and education on alternative investments
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for Help: AI Insight Customer Care - (877) 794-9448, Ext. 710 or
How to Access: TBD

Company: CAIS
Services Provided: Alternative Investment Platform
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for help:
How to Get Started: Enroll at CAIS:!onboard=1