Alternative Investments

Kingswood is constantly searching for unique alternative investment opportunities and the most efficient ways to deliver them to you & your clients.

Dedicated alternative investment platform: Altigo

Information and education through AI Insight

Not sure where to start? Email Douglas Blake, Director of Alternative Investments and Insurance Services:

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D. Blake

Douglas Blake

Director of Alternative Investments & Insurance Services

Third Party Partnerships

We work with several third-party vendors to help your back office run smoothly. If you have questions about any of them and how they can help your firm, please contact the operations team.

Company: Altigo | WealthForge
Services Provided: Kingswod's dedicated alternative investment platform
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for Help: Altigo - or
Douglas Blake at
How to Access: Enroll on the log-in page or contact Altigo at

Company: AI Insight
Services Provided: Information and education on alternative investments
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for Help: AI Insight Customer Care - (877) 794-9448, Ext. 710 or
How to Access: TBD

Company: CAIS
Services Provided: Alternative Investment Platform
Log-in Page:
Who to Contact for help:
How to Get Started: Enroll at CAIS:!onboard=1